Diesel Fuel Filtration Kit

Diesel Fuel Filtration Kit

Protect Your Diesel Fuel System

Ram and Mopar engineering tackled this tough fuel problem from virtually every angle, and the Severe-Duty Diesel Fuel Filtration Kit is a solution that maximizes both  engine protection and operating performance. The kit's unique design features include:

Frame Mounted Water Separator / Fuel Filter - This Mopar severe-duty fuel filter offers enhanced water stripping capabilities with a 98.9% efficiency rating. Includes a Water in Fuel (WIF) sensor (a Mopar Exclusive) that detects when water has accumulated to a point where it must be drained.

Fuel Heater - A heater unit installed within the Frame Mounted Water Fuel Filter keeps the diesel fuel from "waxing" up and blocking fuel flow (another Mopar Exclusive design). By eliminating any crystallized wax that could potentially plug the fuel filter, continuous fuel flow is optimized.

Frame Mounted Fuel Filter - The Mopar add-on unit filters out as much as 98% of five-micron particulates and 86% of particulates as small as three-microns, reducing even further the possibility of particulates wearing down the high pressure injector pump and fuel injectors.

Safety Tested and OE Approved - Unlike after market fuel filtration kits, all brackets and mounting materials are original equipment (OE) tested to ensure strength, performance, durability and safety.

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